Параметр Значение
Консистенция homogeneous liquid in all mass
Запах week, pleasant
Flammability Non-flammable
Crystallization temperature Depends on solution ration if not diluted -10 oC

ANTROCEL® – AA – is an anti-adhesive detergent for bitumen / asphalt also can be used as tar remover. Designed to be used in road industry. This is ecological, 100% organic, bio-degradable and water soluble agent that is easy to spray. As ANTROCE® – AA is made 100% from organic material it stands out with pleasant smell and safety for stuff. Our product efficiency was tested probably in worst conditions – used on truck with flat trunk that was transporting SMA asphalt made with PMB.

Main advantages:

  • Environmental friendly
  • Plant based, non-toxic – safe for stuff.
  • Water soluble
  • No special requirement for transportation, and storage
  • Biodegradable
  • Used containers can be washed with water and reused

Condition of use:

ANTROCEL® – AA – is usually prayed on surfaces that are in contact with asphalt mixtures or bitumen. The dilution ratio depends on application. Usually provided as “ready to use”, packed in IBC containers.

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