Main features
Parameter Value
Acidity index, mgKOH/g £ 8
Density, g/cm3 from 96 up to 1,00
Ignition point, °C 210
Consistency homogeneous liquid in all mass
Flavor week, pleasant.

ANTROCELBOND®  – is a binding agent for the road asphalt, used in produced “hot” and “cold” mineral asphalt mixtures. This ecological, thermally stable binding agent of a long-lasting action is intended for bituminous materials.

 ANTROCELBOND® – is an adhesive promoter for bitumen, usually in road industry for the asphalt mixture improvement, it can be applied for both “hot” and “cold” mixtures. This is ecological, thermally stable additive for bitumen and this fact makes it distinctive in the market. The main application of ANTROCELBOND® is automated production of hot asphalt mixtures, where the automated dosing systems and as it is environment friendly it is also friendly to all the equipment that is used in the process, therefore it does not cause the corrosion of dosing system. For cold mixture preparation ANTROCELBOND® can be sprayed on crushed stone or gravel during the mixture phase.

Main advantages:  

  • Environmental friendly
  • Non-amine based, non-toxic – safe for stuff.
  • Does not cause corrosion, saves dosing system
  • No special requirement for transportation, and storage
  • Easier recycle of used containers.

Condition of use: ANTROCELBOND® – is usually added in the bitumen or dosed together with bitumen in the asphalt mixing phase. The proportions of additive can very form 0,0% up to 0,7% (of asphalt mixture mass). The required amount of adhesion promoter very much depends on the bitumen quality and crushed stone type.

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