Main features
Parameter Value
Humidity, % 3
Average length of fibre, mm 1,0…1,1
Average diameter of fibre, mm 0,045–0,05
Pure cellulose, % 85…90

Pure cellulose fibre. The product is packaged in polyethylene packs. The weight of the package can be 2, 4, 6 kg or any other, upon the client’s request. Also it can be packaged in big bags (BIGBAG), 250–300 kg per bag. Intended for automatic batching into the mixers.

 ANTROCEL - P  is cellulose fibre specially developed for SMA asphalt production. For ANTROCEL – P  we are using high quality waste paper that is recycle during the manufacture process.

ANTROCEL – P standard package is Bigbag, 250-450 kg per pack, small packs 2.8 – 6 kg. Other package sizes on request.

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