Antrocelas JSC was founded at year 2000 with it’s first millennium product – cellulose fibre for asphalt concrete (Antrocel – P). Later cellulose pallets (Antrocel – G) and adhesive promoter for bitumen (AntrocelBond) where presented to the market. Today Antrocelas is known brand in road construction market for their quality products and the unique eco-friendly adhesive promoter. Everyday we are looking for new ways to expand our product portfolio, develop new products and find new partners.

Developed in worst conditions – able to stand highest standards. Modern asphalt concrete has resistance for corrosion, thermal deformations and cold temperatures.

AntrocelBond will improve the bitumen adhesive properties in sustainable way.

By using Antrocel you will build a highest quality mastic asphalt driveway. Our products will prevent form segregation and bitumen leakage.